College Road Map

Plan to succeed.

Take inventory before opening for business

If you’re an adult student, chances are you’ve been living a self-sufficient life to one degree or another. You provide your own food, clothing, and shelter or contribute substantially to them. If you are working, you are using skills and talents, even if your job is not the job of your dreams. If you’re raising a family, or taking responsibility for the well-being of family members, you are also using skills and talents. If you have hobbies, or passions, or play an active role in your community or house of worship, there is something you bring to the table.

What are those things? How can you put them to use as a student?

These skills, talents, and interests are transferrable skills. Start taking an inventory of what you do well in your other roles. Are you good at organizing? Do you motivate people? Are you good at digging up information? Begin creating your list.


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One thought on “Take inventory before opening for business

  1. Very beautiful … Thank you

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